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Grants To You Vision Statement

Assisting nonprofits in meeting their financial needs by providing volunteers with grant writing skills in order to sustain agencies and create stronger communities.


Grants Won

  • Dr. John Streit, as Board Chair of the Gitwe Medical University, received a grant of $500,000 from the National Department of Defense and Education to establish a medical school in Gitwe, Rwanda. He also received $35,000 from the Solomon Trust two years later to provide medical equipment for the school.

  • The Institute of Equestrian Therapy received a grant of $7500 for care and rehabilitation of retired thoroughbred horses.

  • Shelters of Saratoga received a grant of $46,000 from the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club to build an addition onto their facility. The new space allows the agency to store increased food purchases that provide assistance for a growing homeless population as well as an outreach population.

  • Cynthia Fulton received a $2500 grant for the Meadowedge Art for Children from the Cultural Investment Portfolio Peers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Cultural Council.

  • Julie Marks, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of ASPIRe N.Y., inc received $4250 from a private family foundation to fund workshops for Asperger syndrome teens and their parents. The workshops focused on socialization and preparation of the teenagers for entry into the workshop and skills needed to keep a job.

  • Michelle Smith, Director of The Children’s Museum of Saratoga, received funding to mount a new intercultural display and offer activites that enhance understanding of other cultures and introduce geographical concepts to pre-schoolers.

  • Chris Dixon, former Executive Director of Wiawaka Holiday House, a historic women’s retreat on Lake George, received a grant of $10,000 from the Glens Falls Community Foundation for workshops to support women veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq led by psychologists and social workers who could address some of the problems the women faced in reintegrating into their families, communities and workplace.

    In response to a request from Grants to you, Chris wrote the following:

    Chris Dixon, FORMER Executive Director, Wiawaka
    Lake George, NY
    April 22, 2013

    Like many executive Directors, I am never done with my work, and funds are always scarce. Using my time effectively is essential for growing my organization’s resources. I can’t afford to hire someone to write grants, to attend expensive workshops, or to subscribe to resources for grant research. I attended a Grants 2 You training workshop, came in with a specific grant need and spent two days writing the grant. It just so happens this particular grant was awarded but more importantly, I learned to sit down, break down and communicate the funding need clearly and get it done. I also learned what local resources are available to small not for profits for researching funders. I use the materials from Grants 2 You religiously when writing grants.