Grants To You

Volunteers Assisting Nonprofits With Their Grant Writing


Grants To You is a nonprofit,501c3 that will assist individuals in obtaining or sharpening their grant writing skills in order to support a nonprofit agency of their choice, obtain relevant employment and improve community outcomes. Grants To You provides both live and online training in grant research and writing to volunteers who want to assist their designated nonprofit in acquiring grant funding. Graduates obtain Certificates of Completion and earn Community Service credits.


In addition to training volunteers for not for profit organizations, Grants To You will provide FREE classes to those individuals who are on disability, the working poor, to those in poverty, receiving unemployment or whose benefits have been terminated and to those who wish to learn new job skills in order to re-enter the work force.For all others, training will be provided at a modest fee.


  • Continue to expand the number of GTU locations throughout the United States that will provide volunteer grant training by offering local grant writing workshops.

  • Expand funds development efforts including grants; identify GTU volunteer graduates and advisory council members who would like to help. Utilize such funding in order to upgrade the GTU WEB Site and to add additional online classes to support local nonprofit agencies.

  • Provide more effective support to new GTU Area Coordinators who are implementing grant writing and researach training for local volunteers.

  • Implement more effective ways to get new locations up and running.

  • Encourage nonprofits to visit the GTU website and enter their contact information and mission/vision so that future students would be able to select a nonprofit to assist from a drop down list shown during registration.
  • Expand marketing efforts to enable us to establish more locations and hype our newly launched online grants class.

  • Grow the Board of Directors of Grants To You to include members who reside outside the Arizona area.