Grants To You

Volunteers Assisting Nonprofits With Their Grant Writing

Grants To You Chapter FAQ

How Grants To You Classes Differ from all others offered?

1. All students are volunteers for a local non-profit agency of their choosing. 2. Class costs are very affordable in order that volunteers would be able to take our classes. 3. On registration, students must indicate the name and contact information of the local non-profit they will be assisting on completion of our class. 4. The designated nonprofit will receive 2 announcing the new volunteer and one indicating completion of the training. 5. We will contact all graduates to determine how many grants they helped to research, write and won and how many dollars they won. 6. We will post the information received on to GTU's home page visible in the "View our Success" report. Our bottom line is accountability and results.

Explain how the 501c3 works

A 501c3 refers to an IRS statute designation that enables donors to use a tax deduction for their contributions and also allows nonprofits to so state when applying for grants. Grants To You is a designated nonprofit under 501c3 using the name "The Lifespan Foundation".

Where can I obtain Training materials for my classes?

The GTU website has 2 sections, one called How to Operate a Chapter and the other called Chapter Tools. In addition, the online class contains a list of handouts that can be downloaded. Finally, all new chapters will receive a greeting letter along with a detailed instruction on how to form and operate a chapter and run classes.

Must our classes utilize computers for the training?

No. We have had great success with and without computers. What is most important is that our student volunteers know where to go on the internet and how best to utilize some key grant sites. That can be taught with overheads, with workbooks and/or by using a computer. Further, one computer that can transmit its image onto a large screen works quite well.

Time to hold the first class?

Once GTU receives your paperwork, we can establish your chapter home page almost instantly. The challenge for the chapter is to obtain a Program Coordinator, a teacher(s) and a place. The next step is to let the community know what you are doing and when and how to register and then you're in business.

Is Grants To You some sort of franchise arrangement?

No. Grants To You is a registered trademark. Anyone who uses that mark and its related processes and materials is asked to pay a small license fee as noted elsewhere. Chapters sign a Licensing Agreement which sets out the terms of the relationship between National GTU and its chapters. Chapters will also establish a local checking account that will utilize the national The Lifespan Foundation dba Grants To You FEIN number.

To fill our 9 hour class, we are thinking about each of our Advisory Council members recruiting one other person.

That may work for the first class, but to truly sustain the GTU program, we urge you to use a full scale, broad based marketing approach.

How much time works best between sending in the application to actually holding the first class?

What is the financial arrangement between the chapter, teachers, volunteers and non-profits?

Fees are set very low so that they are affordable for most of our volunteers and still sufficient to cover the costs of putting on a class. We like our chapters to offer 2-3 classes annually. With class fees, the chapter, AS A THANK YOU ONLY, is able to pay the VOLUNTEER instructor $200 per 9 hours of training plus $30 for supplies. Grants To You National receives no funding.

How do the finances work for Chapters offering live classes?

We will work closely with Chapter Coordinators to establish a local checking account to be used to deposit and disburse all chapter funds.. .

How many volunteers students are ideal for a class?

We have found that 15-20 works best. To achieve that level, we try to attract/register 20-25.. Those who do not show up for the class are moved from the Class Roster screen to the Untrained Volunteers screen on the WEB Site and are contacted individually by phone and E-mail about the next scheduled class.

Does the Founder and CEO of Grants To You visit each new chapter on or before their first class?

Not necessarily. In point of fact, the Grants To You WEB Site combined with our availability via E-mail and phone enables us to effectively support and indeed handhold new chapters. That being said, it can be important that we visit to kickoff a new program (chapter) by bringing community leaders and non-profits together to hear the Grants To You story right from the Founder. Should that be seen as important by the GTU leaders in that community, we would make every effort to visit, depending on funding availability.

Who are the teachers? How does one become eligible?

Teachers are generally professionals in grants writing who formerly worked in school systems, in government or for non-profits.