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Jul 8, 2013: Change is inevitable
We would never have believed that we could or would return to Southern California, yet we did it and we love it. Prescott was 11 years of wonderful but being back home is turning out to be more so. Grants To You continues with more emphasis being placed right here in Ventura County where our first chapter is located. We are enjoying re-contacting with friends and nonprofit/business associates in an effort to grow the name of Grants To You and assure full classes. That said, we are seeking an instructor as a part of our plan to move forward working with Area Coordinator Elaine Aldrete. I feel a bit like Kobe Bryant...nothing will stop me.

Jan 29, 2013: (2) New Chapter & Website
We are moving forward at breakneck speed. Come join us in our quest to help nonprofits help those in need.    Read More -->

Jul 8, 2010: Grants To You receives $4,000
Grants To You(GTU)is proud to announce that the Wells Fargo Foundation has recognized GTU's work helping communities and awarded it $4,000. This is the third award we have received from Wells Fargo, with the first two coming from Wells Fargo Community Partners totaling $9,000. The new funding will be used to update the GTU online research and writing class.

Mar 31, 2010: Guidestar and Ning Networking Sites
More Information about Grants To You    Read More -->

Nov 21, 2009: New Online Chapters Announced
Grants To You will be forming online chapters throughout the U.S. whose focus will be on promoting the recently launched online class and classes that will follow. As of November 21, 2009 online chapters are being formed in Bloomington,Colorado, Northern, AZ, Bullhead City, AZ and North Orange County, CA. Please contact Paul at if you are interested in joining the GTU family by forming an online chapter in your community.

Apr 8, 2009: Jason Sanchez Supervises $5M in Service Learning Grants
As a result of these experiences with grants and others such as serving as a grant reviewer for the Case Foundation, I one of 15 youth accepted on the State Farm Insurance Youth Advisory Board. This board is comprised of 30 youth that represent the United States and Canada. Our job is to grant $5,000,000 a year to service-learning projects.    Read More -->

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